Matregenix Secures Prestigious $50,000 MTEC Commercialization Grant to Enhance Quality Management System

Irvine, California – In a significant nod to its commitment to advancing healthcare technology, Matregenix, a dedicated player in the biomedical field, is proud to announce its selection as a recipient of a $50,000 Commercialization Grant from the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC). This grant is a vital boost to Matregenix's efforts to enhance its Quality Management System, a step that is critical in ensuring the company’s innovative biomedical products are swiftly and safely brought to market.

Sherif Soliman, Founder and CEO of Matregenix, shared his gratitude, saying, “We are deeply honored to receive this support from MTEC. It’s a moment of great responsibility for us to make the most of this opportunity. This grant is a key enabler in refining our processes and systems, ensuring that our efforts in bringing advanced biomedical solutions to those in need are both effective and efficient.”

About the MTEC Commercialization Grant

MTEC awards its Commercialization Grants with the aim of fostering the engagement between its members and M-Corps partners, offering professional services that escalate their readiness for commercialization. In 2022, MTEC awarded a total of $584,414 through thirteen grants, demonstrating its commitment to the development of medical technologies. The anticipation of continuing these grants in 2023 underscores MTEC’s sustained investment in innovation within the medical sector.

A Focus on Meaningful Medical Solutions

The support from MTEC facilitates collaboration with M-Corps providers to navigate the complexities of technology development and commercialization. This includes a wide range of activities from business and technical planning to strategic initiatives, all aimed at creating solutions that improve medical readiness, particularly in challenging conditions such as Prolonged Field Care (PFC), and in efforts to maximize human potential.

Nurturing Collaborative Growth

In addition to financial grants, MTEC actively works on building a network of potential funding partnerships with angel and venture capital firms, as well as with the Military’s Advanced Development Division. These efforts are designed to provide MTEC members, including Matregenix, opportunities to present their innovations to a focused group of potential investors. MTEC Ventures, the consortium’s non-profit division, plays a crucial role in this endeavor, aiming to kickstart these networking opportunities in Q2 2023.

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