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Soft-tissue Repair

New era in soft tissue repair

Soft-tissue repair has seen limited progress in recent decades, with current options like hydrogels, sponges, and films not providing the ideal microscale architecture for tissue regeneration. Using biological materials, such as xenografts and allografts poses risks of disease transmission, immune rejection, and has limitations in terms of mechanical strength and shelf life. Synthetic biomaterials have been introduced as an alternative, but their degradation mechanisms can cause inflammation and are hard to predict.

Matregenix has developed MatriNova, a new platform technology that utilizes nanofiber technology to create a non-biological, antimicrobial, programmable fiber matrix similar to the human extracellular matrix. Unlike other synthetic materials, MatriNova breaks down into amino acids and does not produce acidic by-products that cause tissue inflammation. This new technology promotes tissue growth while preserving strength and flexibility, presenting a new approach in the $20 billion soft-tissue repair market and shifting away from traditional xenografts and allografts to synthetic tissue-engineered scaffolds.


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Drug Delivery Platform

Your Drug in a Patch for sustained or burst release.

The value proposition of utilizing nanofibers as a carrier for active pharmaceutical ingredients is that they can provide a tailored release profile for different therapeutic applications. This allows for a more targeted and effective delivery of the medication, leading to improved treatment outcomes. Matregenix, has extensive experience in incorporating active pharmaceutical ingredients into nanofibers, making them a trusted and reliable partner in the development and production of these innovative drug delivery systems. We have created two distinct platforms for both sustained and burst release that could be suitable for a wide range of therapeutic applications.

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Tubular Structures & Stent Coating

Biomimetic Electrospun Tubular Scaffolds

Revolutionize tissue engineering with Matregenix's biomimetic electrospun tubular scaffolds. Superior to traditional technologies, electrospun tubular scaffolds offer flexibility, drug/bioactive loading, ECM mimicking microstructure. Available in various sizes, they have a porous and interconnected architecture that enhances cell invasion and proliferation. Our ready-to-use scaffolds may be a reliable alternative to allotransplatation. Our proprietary stent-like structure provides tunable radial force and prevents kinking under mechanical stress. Additionally, our adhesion platform increases adhesion strength between the metal stent and the nanofiber coating.

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